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Landscape Construction Operations Manager

Landscape Construction Operations Manager
Job Description

  • Operations manager report to the Branch manager and to the Corporate VP of Operations
  • Oversee all aspects of the company’s construction activities while ensuring the highest quality product, highest customer satisfaction and employee retention
  • Work hand-in-hand with the project team to create a mutual understanding of the project strategy based on the requirement of the job
  • Conduct in-depth reviews and analysis of all project or contract documents so as to be familiar with every detail and/or requirements
  • Work with safety units to plan and manage safety programs for each project and make sure that all aspects of safety are reached and our people go home safe and un injured at the end of each day
  • Help Project Managers and Project Engineers in the arrangement and analysis of projects, scheduling of project reporting with clients, and Oakridge Management Team
  • Oversee projects as they are being carried out to make sure that the work is done according to outlined specifications, and that they also conform with project timetable and established budgets
  • Develops, and enhances the company’s relationship with contractors and clients to produce strategic partnerships
  • Train and mentor employees in areas of project management, project installation, and client relations
  • Is a member of the Executive Management Team and participates in team meetings
  • As am member of the Executive Management Team, Operations Manager will be involved in business decisions, formulation of company strategies and will participate in the creation/planning of annual branch business plan
  • Coach and Mentor the Project Managers and Supervisors
  • Coach and Mentor Purchasing Manager
  • Coach and Mentor Fleet Manager
  • Competitive Salary & Bonus Compensation

If interested, please send resume to Jennifer Minzey,