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Newsletter February 2020

In the month of love, it would seem appropriate for a landscape company to talk about roses. Afterall, if you had roses in your own yard, you could simply grab your pruning shears and cut a fresh dozen for your loved one and forego the “Valentine’s Day Special” at 1.800.Flowers for $89.99. And your very own rose garden wouldn’t wilt 10 days after your February 14th purchase, but would rather provide floral beauty for many months throughout the year, especially in sunny Southern California. When you consider the average life span of a rose bush is 35 years, putting them into the ground before putting them into a vase is a great investment.

Facts about Roses:

  • There are over 300 species and thousands of cultivars, covering all the colors of the spectrum
  • Can be found in shrubs, trailing, climbing, vases, perfume, medicine and even in food & drink
  • Roses range in size from compact & miniature roses, to climbers that can reach over 20 feet
  • Thanks to President Reagan, roses became the floral emblem of the U.S. in 1986

On Valentine’s Day 2019, over 224 MILLION roses were grown specifically for the holiday, with 43% of those being red. Consumers, most of them in love, spent over $1.6 BILLION on roses to show that love. But Mother’s top this flower-giving holiday with 30% more flowers purchased for Mothers versus Lovers. So it’s not too late to get those roses planted in time for Mother’s Day this year, May 10th.

Oakridge Landscape is a commercial landscape contractor offering maintenance, arbor care, erosion control and landscape construction services, with offices up and down the Southern and Central California region. We have been planting roses for over 43 years! Check us out at for your commercial landscape needs.

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