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Newsletter March 2020

It seems like spring is getting earlier each year, and when we count the number of 70-degree days in February, it is easy to be optimistic that spring has sprung early. This opens up a host of opportunities in our industry to capitalize on the good weather that makes the rest of the nation envious of Southern California. As we move into spring, here are some ways to take advantage of our good fortune.

Landscape Maintenance:

  • Fertilize all planting areas, including turf, to reinvigorate new growth
  • Reset irrigation controllers to insure proper irrigation
  • Refresh mulched areas to control weed growth
  • Aerate turf to reduce compaction after the winter season
  • Last call for tree trimming before those canopies fill in with spring leaves

Erosion Control:

  • Ensure your BMPs are still in place in the wake of the rainy season
  • Turn the calendar page to focus on weed abatement & dust control going into spring
  • Assess need for hydroseeding while mother nature may still provide some natural watering before summer

Oakridge Landscape is a full-service landscape contractor providing maintenance, erosion control, arbor care and landscape construction. A one-stop shop for all of your landscape needs. As we move into spring in Southern California, a review of your landscape maintenance program, including tree health, is a wise investment to ensure a beautiful landscape for spring and summer. Take advantage of the early seasonal change to get more enjoyment out of your landscape, while the east coast is still digging out of their snow banks. You can contact one of our landscape maintenance professionals by dialing (661)295-7228. We’d be happy to get you growing again!

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